Siva Sankar Bhagavatula, born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, completed his Masters in IIT, Chennai and worked in various capacities in India like Assistant Manager in Blue Star Ltd, Regional Manager in Wipro-Beckman Ltd, Managing Director of Radsan Instruments P Ltd and moved to Dubai and worked in Top Management levels in Maritronics LLC and then to Qatar, to work as Managing Director of Technology Ventures Qatar, Consilium Qatar and Leasecon WLL.

Siva Sankar is a well-known Management and Marketing Professional and travelled extensively in the world on various assignments. He delivered numerous lectures on Mind Management, Leadership Skills, Management, Marketing, Communication, Negotiation, Sales Skills etc

A very committed Hindu, Siva Sankar has offered huge contributions to Veda Pathasalas, Dharmic Services, Temples, Vedic Pundits, Mathams, Annamacharya Samkeerthana Sabhas, Astavadhanams, supporting qualified students in their growth etc.

A thorough humanist, Siva Sankar participated in many philanthropical activities in Qatar and elsewhere by contributing vast sums to Indians abroad suffering from loans, Indians to be sent back home from jails abroad, to mentally challenged multi-national children and their education, entertainment to Indian working class living in labor camps etc.

There has always been a huge gap between, need in Hindus both in India and abroad, to source right channel to seamlessly connect individual intertwining requirements like astro-consultation, using such advice in enhancing opportunities/mitigating problems through Japam, Homam, Danam, rituals, parayana etc. And there is also need to perform regular rituals like vrathams, abhishekam etc.

And there is a large potential of educated and qualified Vedic Scholars well trained in Smartha available in India who need work to eke out their living. Especially during times of COVID 19.

It is vision and mission of Siva Sankar to connect both ends that has taken shape to be part of Sadhana Foundation. Net profits of will be contributed to Sadhana Foundation to support Vedic Research, Collation of Vedic data to standardize texts and rituals, to network small rural temples with large high net worth temples to ensure optimum utilization of resources and give support structure to guard Sanathana Dharma traditions, customs, music, dance, art etc. Special effort is going in to protect Hindu marriage system as an Institution from onslaught of western culture sustained by Media for financial gains.

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