Vivaham : Meaning of Vivaham Manthras

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In Hindu dharma, Vivah or marriage is viewed as a sacrament and not a contract. Hindu marriage is a life-long commitment of one wife and one husband and is the strongest social bond that takes place between a man and a woman. Grahastha Ashram (the householder stage), the second of the four stages of life begins when a man and a woman marry and start a household. For a Hindu, marriage is the only way to continue the family and thereby repay his debt to his/her ancestors by begetting male child to carry gothram. In Hindu view, marriage is not a concession to human weakness, but a means for spiritual growth. Man and woman are soul mates who, through the institution of marriage, can direct the energy associated with their individual instincts and passion into the progress of their souls. Husband must follow Dharma and wife is saha dharma charini. During vivah, the manthras recited repeatedly address groom to assure his father-in-law that he needs a wife to perform Gruhasthu dharmas which he cannot perform without a wife – so he needs a wife whom he will treat as equal and she will be his saha dharma charini. And after Muhurtham and Mangal Suthra from when they become husband and wife, each one promises the other various things like begetting son to continue gothram, looking after parents, taking care of athidhis, feeding poor etc.
In Hindu Vivah institution there is no system or method by which the bond can be separated. This micro-structure – a strong brick in societal house – is the one that keeps Hindu homes safer for children to grow in full and realize their potential with full security, love and affection and ensures that the children do not turn to violence.

Please check for prices based on needs like availability of desired venue, venue fixing, catering, decorations, number of days, number of purohits and vedic scholars for reciting vedic hyms, videos, photos etc.

We can include training of bride and groom on meaning of manthras recited at various stages of marriage and/or what they need to do at various stages of marriage.

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