Vasthu Homam


The Vastu Homam is performed, usually before shifting into a new home or office. This is a ritual dedicated to the direction gods. They are namely, Indra(east), Agni (south-east), Yama (south), Pitru (south-west), Varuna (west), Vayu (north-west), Kuber (North) ,Easwara (north-east) and Brahma (center). Each god is a symbol of some elements such as fire, thunder, peace, prosperity, etc. This homam is done during “Grihapravesha”. Due to building of a house, 3 types of doshas like digging earth (a sharp weapon used on Bhumatha), using wood by cutting living beings like trees and breaking, burning stones are appeased. The homam is also to help correct defects in directional alignments of house, office, building or temple