Sri Suktha Parayana


Sri Suktam is a Sanskrit sacred devotional hymn revering Sri as Laksmi, the goddess of prosperity, wealth, and fertility. This hymn is chanted with a strict adherence to the Chandas, to invoke the goddess’ blessings. The hymn describes the nama, rupa, swaroopa, greatness of goddess Sri Lakshmi. Goddess Laksmi is also the personification of the spiritual energy called kuṇḍalini within us and the Universe. The Sanskrit word “kundalini” means coiled, like a snake. Goddess Lakshmi is God’s superior spiritual feminine energy or the Param Prakṛti, which empowers, purifies, and uplifts the individual. Thus, Laksmi is called the Goddess of Fortune. The goddess assumed 8 forms, known as “ASHTA LAKSHMI” to eradicate poverty of 8 kinds. Our scriptures say that a human being can face poverty on 8 fronts, one can eradicate all types of poverty with the divine blessings of Shri Lakshmi. This mantra is a powerful prayer in which the radiance, glory, beauty, all forms of the Goddess Lakshmi, her motherhood, her divinity, her blessings have been personified. The chanting of the hymn is supposed to satisfy the Divine Mother to the utmost level to shower her blessings.

The price mentioned is one time price only. Number of times to be chanted is to be advised by the customer.