Sri Satyanarayana Vratham


Satyanarayana vratham is to be vratha of Lord Narayana. As the stories of this vratham indicate – satyam jnanam anantham brahma – the emphasis is on sat or Reality or unfailing truth or keeping one’s commitments. The – vr – in this vratham is to think carefully before making a commitment and once made – rta – to keep it at any cost without negligence or taking it easy.

According to Hindu scriptures, Ekadasi and movement of the moon have a direct correlation with the human mind. It is believed that during Ekadasi, our mind attains maximum efficiency giving the brain a better capacity to concentrate. Spiritual seekers are said to devote the two monthly days of Ekadasi in extreme worship and meditation owing to its favorable influence on the mind. It also checks the emotions and senses. From this 11th day till 5th day after new moon or full moon day, moon is supposed to influence our mind maximum. Even in astrology Moon is karaka for mind!!!

Therefore, Satyanaryana Vratham or for that matter any ritual related to Lord Vishnu – the chaitanya shakthi within us – gives extreme importance to ekadasi and/or Purnima.

“chatarvarsham vratham krtva adimadhya mathah param
Udayapanam rtham ena sampoorna phalaayakam”

Meaning that a person who performs Satyanarayana vratham for four full years on a full Moon day will be endowed with wealth, progeny, prosperity and gets liberated in the end.

One can well imagine that if the person makes and keeps commitments with diligence will surely be respected in all walks of life and will become a yogi at the end.

It is to remind us of such importance of keeping commitments, this vratham is performed at every important phase of our life – especially after marriage to ensure that whatever promises bride and groom made to each other with agni as witness, will keep those commitments without fail throughout their lives.