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Lord Ram is considered an epitome of sanathana dharma. Ramayan – initially written by Maharshi Valmiki – also called “seetayah charitam mahat” (great history of Maa Sita) by Maharshi himself – is regarded not just as a story or epic by sanatanis worldwide but as a divine gift to showcase righteous path for mankind treaded by Lord Vishnu in Avatar of Lord Ram. The sixteen qualities mentioned by Maharshi Valmiki as possessed by Lord Ram epitomise dharmic lakshan of a man that can take him to level of being God Himself. In one of his lectures Mahatma Gandhi mentioned that Lord Ram greatness is showcased tothe world by behaviour of Matha Sita. When Hanuman asked Her to come with Him from Her capture in Lanka, She refuses and prefers to take harassment in Ashoka Vana in Lanka because She prefers Lord Ram’s bravery to be displayed to the world by killing Ravan and then take Her with all glory and pomp. Not by theft from Lanka by Hanuman like the way Ravan did from Panchavati. Her exemplary character epitomizes and reflects Lord Ram’s lakshan – like the way Hanuman says in Sundara Kanda –

अस्या देव्या यथा रूपम् अन्ग
प्रत्यन्ग सौष्ठवम् | रामस्य च यथा रूपम् तस्य इयम् असित ईक्षणा || ५-१५-५१ – meaning
In whatever way is this lady's appearance, elegance of major and minor limbs, in the same way is Rama's. In whatever way His appearance, in the same way is this black-eyed one's appearance.
Such is the glory of The Couple who stood as examples of Wife and Husband for sanatanis for ages. It obviously is apt that sanatanis anywhere in the world regard janmadin of Lord Ram as most auspicious. Pujas for Sitaram and Sitaram Kalyanam are celebrated on the occasion of janmadin of Lord Ram which falls on Chaitra sudhha Navami.

ततश्च द्वादशे मासे चैत्रे नावमिके तिथौ || १-१८-८
नक्षत्रेऽदितिदैवत्ये स्वोच्चसंस्थेषु पंचसु |
ग्रहेषु कर्कटे लग्ने वाक्पताविंदुना सह || १-१८-९
प्रोद्यमाने जगन्नाथं सर्वलोकनमस्कृतम् |
कौसल्याजनयद्रामं सर्वलक्षणसंयुतम् || १-१८-१०

विष्णोरर्धं महाभागं पुत्रमैक्ष्वाकुनंदनम् |
लोहिताक्षं महाबाहुं रक्तौष्ठं दुंदुभिस्वनम् || १-१८-११

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