Seemantham or “simatonnayana” (in Sanskrit) is third of the 16 samskaras of Hindu tradition to protect the foetus in garbham during last trimester of pregnancy. It is to ward of evil eyes by invoking Goddess Lakshmi. Yajnavalkya Smriti verse 3.79 asserts that the desires of the pregnant woman should be satisfied for healthy development of the baby, to prevent miscarriage and her health. According to the Parasara Gryha Sutra, at the beginning of the ceremony, the pregnant wife seats on a soft chair and with caressing attention, the husband himself parts her hairs upwards from the forehead three times, first with a bunch containing an even number of unripe udumbara fruits and three bunches of darbha grass, next with a porcupines quill (available plenty in Srisailam) having three white spots and finally with a stick of the Viratara wood and a full spindle, chanting each time three Mahavyahrtis (great mystical mantras), Bhur, Bhuvah and Svah.