Katyayani Vratham


Mother Katyayaani is the sixth form amongst Navadurga or the nine forms of Durga Devi who are worshipped especially on the 6th lunar day and during the Navaratri (9 nights) celebrations. One of the best remedies for early marriage or for marriage problems is observing the Katyayaani Devi Vrat. The Katyayaani vrat katha has been mentioned in Brahma¬Vaivarta purana in the Krishna Janma Khanda Chapter 27. Lord Narayan Himself narrates the katha behind this to Shree Narada Muni. This vrat was also observed by Sita Devi who was blessed by Durga Devi and was able to marry Shree Ram. This vrat benefits females who want to get married or who want to come out of marriage related problems, it also benefits men. This remedy is also a very powerful tool to fulfil all your desires pertaining to health, wealth and happiness in marriage as suggested by Lord Narayan Himself. One can achieve maximum benefits of this puja when it is observed in the month of Marghashirsha because there is a great importance of Lord Krishna in this month.