Gruharambham (sankhu sthapana)


Sankhu sthapana is laying the foundation stone in the vacant plot. In different places, this auspicious function has different names like Bhumi Pooja etc. According to our elders’ directions, we need to perform religious functions at the Bhoomi (Goddess Earth). The five elements viz., Vaayu, Jal, Prithvi, Aakash and Agni, the Panchabhoothas should be propitiated to give their benevolence. The earth is most respectable to all of us. Bhoomi is the mother of all. She is patience personified. When we want to raise a building or till the land for agriculture, we adapt means like digging with sharp objects etc that give pain to mother earth. We seek permission and forgiveness for our actions that disturb the equilibrium of mother earth. The Vedas have special sutras and hymns to appease the assorted energies residing in the space. We chant the Veda Sutras to nullify any bad effects and to bring peace and prosperity.