Gruha Pravesam


Having a house is considered one of the most precious blessing of God on us. And one needs to take absolute care to ensure that the house is enjoyed for living with absolute peace, harmony, positiveness, and prosperity. Since the house construction involves quite a bit of violent acts on dhathus like mud, iron, wood, heat, bhoomi etc., it is essential to propitiate them with ritual.

To remove evil eyes, first a coconut or ash pumpkin is taken around the main entrance with veda manthras and broken at the entrance before the couple enter the house with purna kumbham and moorthis or photos of Gods – and with cow and calf – if possible.

Subsequently, Milk is boiled and given naivedya to kula daivam and partaken by all starting with couple. Vasthu puja, homam and sometimes abhishekam and Satyanarayana Vratham are performed.