Ganapathi Homam


Lord Ganesha is considered as one of the most powerful gods and he is worshiped in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore and Nepal. The devotion to Ganesha extends even to Jains and Buddhists. Ganapathi Homam should be performed on the days of Sankashti Chaturthi of every month. Sankashti Chaturthi falls on every Lunar month on the fourth day of Krishnapaksha. If this Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday it is called Angaraki Sankashti Chaturthi. Vinayaka Chaturthi and the third day of Devi Navratri which is called Tritiya are also very auspicious to perform Ganapathi Homam. The Ganapathi Homam should be performed early in the morning before sunrise. This homam is performed to beget happiness, prosperity and good health