Barasala (naming ceremony)


The Barasala (is authentically called as Balasare) is usually celebrated on the 11th day, 16th day, 21st day, 3rd month or 29th month after the birth of a child. An auspicious time for the ceremony is selected. Prior to this function, the house is cleaned well to perform some pujas. On the day, the baby is given a bath, clothed and placed in a cradle. Women gather around the cradle to sing traditional songs. In the ritual, the mother is honored, and the child is blessed by the elders of the family and community. After Ganesh Puja and Vedic chants, the father whispers the baby’s name into its ear three times. The name is also written on rice spread on the floor or on a tray. The child’s maternal uncle takes a gold ring dipped in a mixture of cow milk & honey and puts it on the baby’s tongue. The elders then give blessings to the child that it may earn a good reputation, become a great person, and have a bright future.