Shradhyan kriyate ya saa Shradh – the ritual performed with great devotion or shraddha is called shradh or abdeekam. The term ‘Shradh’ is completely linked with Maya (The Great Illusion) and Brahman (the Creator) through the bond of debts that need to be repaid to ancestors. When the threads of the give and take relationship that binds us, dissolve, then at that time the embodied soul gets liberated and only then it can acquire momentum to progress towards attaining Final liberation. Therefore, through the ritual of Shradh one can get rid of the bonding with ancestors and get liberated in this birth itself under observer stance of the followers of Vishnu. Hindu scriptures gave so much importance to Shradh that one is supposed to stop any karma to perform shraddha first. It is misgiving that shraddha can not be performed at home – in fact, it shall be performed at home unless there is some serious issue. And finally, at least once in a lifetime the pinda danam shall be performed in Kashi and Gaya.

In case aabdeekam dates fall during the rush period of functions like marriages or on important days like Maha Shivarathri etc , please book your time slot well in advance for purohits.