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    angaraha japam

    Angaraka Japam


    Angaraka or Kuja rides on mesha or goat, red in color and karaka of bone marrow, vitality, energy, ego, kshatriya lakshan etc. He presides over Mangala Vara or Tuesday. Manthra Japam – 7,000 time

    Brihaspathi or Guru Graha


    Brihaspathi or Guru rides on elephant, yellow or goldish in color and karaka of principles, prosperity, expansion, education, wisdom etc. He presides over Guru Vara or Thursday. Manthra Japam: 16,000


    Budha Graha


    Budha rides on lion, green in color and karaka of vak, communication, busines, relationships, nervous system, Buddhi etc. He presides over Budha Vara or Wednesday. Manthra Japam – 17,000 times

    Chandra Graha


    Chandra rides chariot of ten horses and white in color. Moon is karaka of Mind and therefore all five senses of human beings. He presides over Soma Vara or Monday. Manthra Japam – 10,000 times.


    Kethu Graha


    Kethu is a gana, rides on eagle and karaka of karma balance, spirituality, religiousness, detachment, Near Death Experiences (NDE), After Life, Astral Body, supernatural influences or moksha. Manthra Japam: 7,000

    Mrithyunjay Japam


    Benefits of Maha Mrityunjaya Japa :

    Lessens chances from Untimely / unnatural death due to various causes. Helps one overcome the fear of death, evil spirits and accidental death. Reduces the ill-effects of navagrahas as well. Allevaiates karmic doshas and enhances us to live a long and happy life. Mrityunjaya japa helps remove malefic effects of the planets Rahu and Ketu for the people having Kala Sarpa dosha.

    Manthra Japam 100,000 times

    Nakshatra Japam


    Nakshatra japam is performed to enhance positive effect/reduce the negative effect of the nakshatra by alleviating all the doshas attributable to the nakshatra. Performing nakshatra japam helps in getting the positive effect of the nakshatra and helps in improving the quality of life.

    The price mentioned is one time price only. Number of times to be chanted is to be advised by the customer.


    Rahu Graha


    Rahu graha rides on lion, blue in color and karaka of Illusion, spiritual awakening, foreign lands, manipulation, wealth, success, media, drugs, creativity etc

    Manthra Japam: 18,000


    Sani Graha


    Sani graha rides on Crow, blue in color. Sani bestows karma phala to the native of horoscope and is karaka of learning, career, longevity, authority, leadership, responsibility, humbleness, spirituality etc. He presides over Sani Vara or Saturday. Manthra Japam : 19,000


    Sukra Graha


    Sukra graha rides on horse, white in color and karaka of beauty, wealth, pleasure, spouse etc. He presides over Sukra Vara or Friday. Manthra Japam – 20,000

    Surya Graha


    Surya is often depicted riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses. He is red in color. He is regarded as Atma Karaka. He represents confidence, right eye, face, relationship with top officials, politicians etc. He is also the presiding deity of Ravi Vara or Sunday. Manthra Japam – 6,000 times