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    ayush homam

    Ayush Homam


    Ayush Homam is performed by people to increase the Life Span of an individual, to be blessed with good health, reduced pains, obstacles and struggles in life and to help prevent untimely death. It gives rejuvenation and vitality. Ayusha Homam is performed to worship the God of Life, Ayur Devatha, to get the blessings to remove emptiness, ignorance and darkness in life.

    Chandi Homam


    Chandi is the name by which the Supremely divine Shakthi is referred as Chandi or the destroyer of opposition and is invoked for removing obstacles to allow us to attain any of the four goals of life. The mantra for Chandi Devi is called Navakshari or the unified with 9 syllables. The center of the homam function includes recitation of Durga Saptasathi or 700 verses in recognition of the Goddess Durga. With the recitation of each one verse, offerings are made in peace-making fire invoking the Goddess. The advantage of this homam are accomplishment of wellbeing, riches, flourishing, life span, nourishment, descendants, acclaim, achievement, quality, evacuation of apprehensions, afflictions and so forth.

    Ganapathi Homam


    Lord Ganesha is considered as one of the most powerful gods and he is worshiped in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore and Nepal. The devotion to Ganesha extends even to Jains and Buddhists. Ganapathi Homam should be performed on the days of Sankashti Chaturthi of every month. Sankashti Chaturthi falls on every Lunar month on the fourth day of Krishnapaksha. If this Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday it is called Angaraki Sankashti Chaturthi. Vinayaka Chaturthi and the third day of Devi Navratri which is called Tritiya are also very auspicious to perform Ganapathi Homam. The Ganapathi Homam should be performed early in the morning before sunrise. This homam is performed to beget happiness, prosperity and good health

    lakshmi homam

    Lakshmi Homam


    Lakshmi Homamis performed for the purpose of gaining legitimate wealth. Those who are involved in business or are facing financial problems may perform this Homam to receive the blessings and grace of Goddess Lakshmi. It bestows benefits of Asta Lakshmis for all-round development. The homam is typically performed on a Panchami or Ekadasi day falling on a Friday.

    medha homam

    Medha Dakshinamurthy Homam


    Medha Dakshinamoorthy Homam is performed for advancement in education, research, exploration. This homam can also be performed by the working professionals like teachers, professors, researchers or people who are into the world of Knowledge. It will also alleviate Graha Doshas, helps improve one’s prajna or talent, learning, better skills and confidence levels.

    Mruthyunjaya Homam


    Maha Mrityunjaya homam is in the name of Lord Shiva who helps to improve health and longevity. This homam is also known as Maha Sanjeevani Homam. This is performed by people on their Janma star to help rid of chronic illnesses and enusre healthy life


    Nava Graha Homam


    Navagraha Homam helps protect us from Graha Chara doshas of horoscopes. It enhances good effects and alleviates malefic effects of the planets. It is performed to appease the nine planets i.e. the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. This strengthens benefic planets & increases their positive influence while pacifying malefic planets & helps neutralizing their negative influence and get positive results for overall growth and development.

    Pasupatha homam

    Pasupatha Homam


    Different types of Pasupatha Homam are Amrutha Maha Pasupatha Homam, Rudra Pasupatha Homam, Navagraha Pasupaha Homam, Surya Pasupatha Homam, Aghora Pasupatha Homam, Subramanya Pasupatha Homam, Kubera Pasupaha Homam, Angaraka Pasupatha Homam, Dampathya Pasupatha Homam, Bhrigu Pasupatha Homam, Kanya Pasupatha Homam, Manyu Pasupatha Homam, Vijaya Pasupatha Homam, Gana Manyu Pasupatha Homam and this homam helps in extremely serious obstacles, dangers and circumstances in various spheres of life.

    saraswati homam

    Saraswathi Homam


    Goddess Saraswathi is the wife (consort) of Lord Brahma and possesses the power of speech, wisdom and learning. She represents four aspects of human personality in learning mind, intellect, alertness, and ego. She is the Goddess of Education, research, music, singing, dancing, acting, painting, sculpture etc. She is also the ruler of speech and called Vagdevi. This homam is also performed by people to help reduce stammering. The Homam helps to energize the native with all the necessary positive vibrations that alert the individual’s senses and enhances his/her skill sets. The native imbibes confidence and delivers the best in all their endeavors. Panchami Tithis and Guru Horas that fall on Thursdays and Fridays are suitable timings to perform Saraswati Homa

    sowra homam

    Sowra Homam


    Those who are undergoing Ravi mahadasa or antardasa or Astama Ravi, Ardhastama Ravi or Vyaya Ravi and those natives who have Ravi dosha are advised to perform this homam to ward off the negative effects. This homam helps neutralize the malefic effects of Ravi graha – the king of grahas – and gives overall health and happiness. It is also performed by those who have serious issues with eyes.

    sudarsana homam

    Sudarsana Homam


    Sudarshana Homam is performed by people to destroy negativity, for victory over the enemies, and protection against the evil eye. The homam grants purification and helps in restoring energies and health. It also promotes success and provides deep levels of purification. It helps clear all the doshas of the drushti, intense problems due to powerful enemies, to get rid of health issues, and also alleviates suffering due to pithru nirasa. This homam may be performed on Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Poornima and on the dates that fall on a Wednesday and Saturday or during Budha Horas.

    vasthu homam

    Vasthu Homam


    The Vastu Homam is performed, usually before shifting into a new home or office. This is a ritual dedicated to the direction gods. They are namely, Indra(east), Agni (south-east), Yama (south), Pitru (south-west), Varuna (west), Vayu (north-west), Kuber (North) ,Easwara (north-east) and Brahma (center). Each god is a symbol of some elements such as fire, thunder, peace, prosperity, etc. This homam is done during “Grihapravesha”. Due to building of a house, 3 types of doshas like digging earth (a sharp weapon used on Bhumatha), using wood by cutting living beings like trees and breaking, burning stones are appeased. The homam is also to help correct defects in directional alignments of house, office, building or temple