Panchagavya DAILY USE

Panchagavya DAILY USE

Gruha Suddi Gomutra


Gau Mutra for all Rituals

Weight: 200ml

Herbal Hand Wash


herbal Hand wash with Gojal and Neem

Weight: 200ml

Gomutra Neem Phenoil


Natural Phenoil with Goodness of Gomutra and Neem

Weight: 500Gms

Organic Jaggery Tea


Replacement to TEA and Coffee, Instant MIX

Weight: 100Gms

Natural Dish Wash Powder


Chemichal Free, Sink friendly for Apartamental Use, Works on All Metals

Weight: 450Gms

Black Dantmanjan


Activated Carbon tooth powder with Basma

Weight: 50Gms

Kamadenu Dantmanjanam


Excellent Tooth Powder with goodness Gavya and Precious Herbs

Weight: 50Gms

Desi Cow Ghee (Hand Churned)


Pure Desi Cow Ghee Produced in traditional HandChurning

Weight: 500 ml

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