Our Support Structure

Our support structure for you in as follows:

  • All the Purohits selected by us are verified personally for their credentials to perform the required Service by having received such services from them before
  • They are all Smartha educated to perform required service
  • They belong to Yajur Veda Shakha
  • All our Services are extended from Purohits based in India
  • Once the filled-in form is completed with all details and amount paid you will receive email confirmation of services requested and receipt for payment
  • We may or may not be able to accommodate specific dates requested – for example Varalakshmi Vratham, Deewali Dhanalakshmi Puja etc which is performed by many on a single day – though all our efforts may be made to accommodate
  • Therefore, please schedule your appointment well in advance to avoid disappointment
  • Within two days you will receive an email scheduling your appointment – sometimes we need to schedule start of service based on an auspicious day depending on your star, thidhi etc – and number of days the services take
  • Our support to customers is on internet only – we do not give home service except for Upanayanam and Marriages that too restricted to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We will extend home service to nearby homes in India after COVID situation improves
  • All the Purohits we hire have access to Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, BOTIM, Google Duo etc for on-line conferencing. We can also record and share complete videos later for those who may not be able to sit through full sessions. Or we can get sankalpam done on-line and record video and send full session of video clip
  • Prasadam – normally few almonds, given as naivedyam (and accepted by couriers) will be properly packed and sent by courier to the designated address. The Consignment Note will be sent by email for tracking
  • Please do not forget to fill the review form once the service is completed. The review form will also be sent by email to you once you see the video and receive prasadam
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