It is with great passion to support the efforts of millions of followers of Sanathana Dharma, a band of professionals from every walk of life around the world came together and founded Sadhana Group, of which Sadhana e-commerce is positioned to offer best quality of Dharmic services. The net income generated out of e-commerce is utilized for Objectives of Sadhana Group which are promotion of Vedic Research, collation of Vedic data, networking of temples to utilize the resources most effectively, uniting Hindus around the world overcoming social barriers etc.

Since the Objectives are pious, the income generated in this business is with utmost honesty, integrity and quality. While donations are welcome, Sadhana Group endeavors to ensure that the efforts to fulfill Group objectives are financially taken care by generating resources of its own. Therefore, while customers like you utilize this platform to perform services and purchase products which will be introduced soon, you can also be delighted that part of your funds would be used for promotion of Sanathana Dharma.

In line with the best of corporate culture, consistent with the principles cited, the Purohits and Vedic Pundits to perform the services are personally verified to ensure best quality of services. The facilities where the services would be provided are also verified.

Having said that, faith in Sanathana Dharma is the most important criteria. This includes the Karma Sidhhantha. There are three types of karma. The word karma refers to results of past actions, present actions, and actions we will perform in the future.

Vedic Services are to implore to the Sakthi or the power that can enhance chances to fulfill our objectives for which services are being performed and will serve as complimentary to our mundane efforts.

While ensuring the services being offered are of highest standards, in order that the customers get best benefit out of the services, some basic dharmic deeds need to be adhered during period of services like waking up early, perform basic services to God after bath, take frugal and sathwik meals and drinks and observe brahmacharya while the mind is focused on Sakthi he has faith in.


Sanathana Dharma Association for National Awakening (SADHANA) shall be a profitable Hindu Organization apportioning profits to be a Leader in seamlessly implementing Principles of Vedic Dharma, Vedic Knowledge, Science, Hindu Traditions and Culture in complete harmony with Modern Times, Changing Technology and Skills with positive attitude.


To have pan-international market reach for general trading, project consultancy and supply of high-quality Hindu religious products and services to enable and encourage Hindus to practice their respective Dharma, tradition, and culture all over the world.

An astrological reading which was a Session with Caring Coach

I have had chart readings many times over the years, but my readings with Sadhana was by far one of the most helpful I have ever had. Apart from the predictions and suggestions provided to me regarding to my questions that I have asked, Sadhana has guided me on following dharma to achieve success and reach more heights in the future. Sadhana’s explanations and answers to my queries are highly insightful and thoughtful. Sadhana generously offers inspiring ideas that one can apply to our daily life in a practical way. I felt like I not only had an astrological reading, but also a session with caring coach who is committed to helping others become more which they are meant to be.

Dr. Sampath Emani

Chairman, Emani Group, Visakhapatnam, India

Very well Astro Consultation

It was a mirror view for me when predictions informed me the possibilities of motor-accident and related legal cases, which I am actually facing at the moment. I am sure the future predictions given and simple tips given to overcome the obstacles would help me to face life more confidently.

Ajeev Thalappilil

Managing Director, Petrostar, Sharjah, UAE

Highly Qualified Purohits, Quality of Work and Assistances

On the auspicious Diwali festival, I have performed Lakshmi pooja through the guidance from Sadhana’s purohit has guided me on every step of pooja and also explained me the importance of performing Lakshmi Pooja. I was connected to the purohit through Zoom meeting app. Though it was an virtual dharmik service, the purohit made sure the divineness isn’t compromised. On the basis of highly qualified purohits, quality of work and assistances, and excellent communications while pre and post service booking, I strongly recommend for performing any kind of dharmik services for our well being.

Dr Sampath Emani

Chairman, Emani Group, Visakhapatnam, India

Great Online Hindu Vedic Puja Service !! service was offered to me from Instagram. I decided to follow them on Instagram and scheduled Goddess Lakshmi Puja. Everything for Lakshmi Puja was done by their Purohit Vijay Garu on time according to Muhurat with Vedic Mantras and Astroshastra religious practices using Zoom. We performed Abhishekam and Puja for all planets, gods and goddesses for Diwali and New Year in 2020 to bless our family. Thank you ! I will definitely contact them again 5 Stars.

Aakash Kunchwar

Marketing Director, World Financial Group, Toronto, Canada

Services are of High Quality

Sadhana e-com services are of high quality and are done by highly qualified purohits and vedic pundits. I would always look forward to utilize their support whenever needed”

Srinivasa Rao Rayasam

LIC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hindu customs overcoming barriers

I personally know promoters of Sadhana e-com over years. I am glad they bring their unquestionable knowledge, life experience, integrity & transparency to this business. I have personally experienced their tremendous knowledge on Vedic services. I am also happy to know that this ecommerce business supports Vedic research, Hindu traditions and customs overcoming barriers. I wish great success.

Anjan Karnati

Direcor, North American Telugu Association and Founder, North American Padmashali Association

Great Platform

Sadhana e-com is a sincere & honest attempt to support the spirit and essence of a Hinduism. A level playing ground for all like minded Hindus who have innate love and commitment for continuity of the age old Hindu practices through the fruits of this e-com platform.

Srinivasa Rao Behara

Ex-Chief Manager, SBI

Excellent Initiative

Sadhana e-com is a wonderful initiative to promote Hindu practices and enables us to keep up these practices irrespective of our location. I am personally happy with the services provided and they are cost effective. Excellent customer service provided by a team of professionals.

Shravan Ramalingam

Software Developer, Melbourne, Australia


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